Christian Worship Music

Music has played a significant part in Christian worship right from the start. In this guide we shall look in more detail at the importance of worship and music in the Christian faith. History of Christian Worship Music Christian worship music dates back to the beginning of the religion itself. Over the years it has seen a wide range of transformations starting from monophonic music at the beginning through to incredibly complex music and then onto contemporary Christian worship music – with everything in between! Music has always been a very important part of Christian worship – as well as an important part in the worship for other religions. While the style of Christian worship music has changed significantly, the message has always been the same –...

Most Popular Christian Songs

With over 2,000 years of Christian music history it would be hard to pinpoint the most popular Christian songs of all time – however there are some firm favorites across a range of genres that we shall look at in today’s guide. Amazing Grace Amazing Grace is arguably one of the most popular and best-loved Christian songs of all time. This Christian hymn was written by the poet John Newton in 1779 from personal experiences. It originally had no music to accompany it and over the years it has been associated with over 20 different melodies. These days however it is most commonly sung to the melody of “New Britain” and is one of the best known songs in the world and has been sung by thousands of artists over the years. It has even appeared on the popular...

Popular Christian Artists and Bands

Over the past few decades contemporary Christian music has risen to become the most popular form of music played in church services and has become a multi-billion dollar global industry. There are dozens of different genres of contemporary Christian music ranging from hip hop through to reggae. In this guide we shall look at some of the most popular Christian artists and bands today. Casting Crowns The Casting Crowns are a Grammy- award and Dove award winning Christian band that has hugely influenced the world of Christian music. Their style is soft rock and the band was created in 1999 in Daytona Beach, Florida as part of a youth group. The group is led by pastor Mark Hall who is now the lead vocalist. Some other members of the band also work as ministers...

Church Music Worship Styles

With billions of Christians across the world and hundreds of denominations there is certain to be variations in church worship styles. In this guide we shall look at some of the most common church worship styles. Traditional Church Worship Style Traditional church worship style speaks for itself – it is largely based on traditional methods of worship using classical hymns and choruses with no affiliation with contemporary Christian music. Many people prefer the traditional church worship style, particularly Christians of the various Restorationism denominations such as the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Traditional church worship styles are based on traditions and beliefs that stretch back to the beginnings of Christianity which can make it seem more...

Christian Music History

Christian music, just like the religion itself, has a long and rich history dating back at least two thousand years. In today’s guide we shall look at a brief history of Christian music. The Beginning of Christian Music The beginning of Christian worship music can be dated back to influences from the Greeks, Syrians and Hebrews. In the beginning the music was primarily monophonic unison melodies with very minimal harmony or counterpoint. The first sign of hymns were seen in Syrian churches that started using antiphonal singing methods that made the worship music a bit more interesting. Over the years Christian worship music became much more complex and it got to a point where it was hard to understand the words that were being sung. Because of this issue...
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