Christian Worship Music

Music has played a significant part in Christian worship right from the start. In this guide we shall look in more detail at the importance of worship and music in the Christian faith.

History of Christian Worship Music

Christian worship music dates back to the beginning of the religion itself. Over the years it has seen a wide range of transformations starting from monophonic music at the beginning through to incredibly complex music and then onto contemporary Christian worship music – with everything in between!

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Music has always been a very important part of Christian worship – as well as an important part in the worship for other religions. While the style of Christian worship music has changed significantly, the message has always been the same – it is a way of praising God in a musical form.

These days contemporary Christian worship music is one of the most common forms – and it shows how the church has evolved to suit the changing demands of a modern society and the new generations. We shall look at contemporary Christian worship music in more detail below.

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Importance of Music in Christian Worship

Music is very important in Christian worship as it forms a traditional and fulfilling part of most church services. It is a time when the congregation can come together to form one voice singing hymns to praise God.

Music is an easy way to express worship and by using hymns, psalms and spiritual songs, Christians can use them as a way to express the gratitude in their heart.

Looking past the spiritual side of Christian worship music, they are important because they are very enjoyable. Music gives people happiness and can lift the spirits of people when they are low.

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Contemporary Christian Worship Music

Contemporary Christian worship music has seen a huge growth over the past few decades. These days worship music does not have to be limited to traditional styles, but instead you can choose from a range of genres including Christian Rock, Christian Rap, Christian Pop and many more.

It has fast become the most common genre of music sung in churches – although it is most predominant in Protestant churches. Contemporary Christian worship music began in the 1950’s when the church began to put more emphasis on trying to attract youths to the church. To do this they tried to break from the old-fashioned stereotype that the church had and make it more appealing to a new generation.

Contemporary Christian worship music has made a huge difference to the Christian religion and it has been praised for keeping the church up to date with modern life. Christian worship music is also great because it usually has catchy lyrics not dissimilar in style to pop songs that can be sung outside of the church and taken home with them.

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Where can you Listen to Christian Worship Music

You don’t have to limit your listening of Christian worship music to inside the church. There are literally hundreds of CD’s released with Christian worship music from all genres on them. Contemporary Christian worship music artists albums sell particularly well and there are a huge range of artists to choose from.

Alternatively you can use the internet to listen to Christian worship music. You can either search for websites where you can listen to Christian worship music for free or you can pay and download single songs and albums from online music shops such as iTunes.

Christian Music5

Millions of Christians around the world also tune into Christian radio stations – either via the internet or on standard radio. With over 1,400 Christian radio stations in the USA alone there are plenty to choose from! Not all of them play Christian music, but a large majority do. The styles vary between radio stations – however contemporary Christian music is by far the most popular choice and is the main style played on the major Christian radio stations such as Air 1 and K-LOVE. All the major Christian radio stations have the ability to listen to their radio shows on the internet – and you can also log on and listen to Christian radio stations from around the world to mix up your knowledge of Christian worship music!

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