Most Popular Christian Songs

With over 2,000 years of Christian music history it would be hard to pinpoint the most popular Christian songs of all time – however there are some firm favorites across a range of genres that we shall look at in today’s guide.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is arguably one of the most popular and best-loved Christian songs of all time. This Christian hymn was written by the poet John Newton in 1779 from personal experiences. It originally had no music to accompany it and over the years it has been associated with over 20 different melodies.

These days however it is most commonly sung to the melody of “New Britain” and is one of the best known songs in the world and has been sung by thousands of artists over the years. It has even appeared on the popular music charts on several occasions.

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You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up is a similarly popular Christian song that has also been sung by a range of popular artists including Westlife and Josh Groban. In fact it has been covered over 125 times. It was originally written by Rolf Lovland of Secret Garden, with the lyrics written by Brendan Graham.

In 2004 alone the song was played more than half a million times on American radio – both Christian and secular radio stations. The song has been nominated for a Gospel Music Award four times, and the version by Christian pop group Selah went to number one on the Christian Billboard charts.

It is a very uplifting song that has a good Christian message within the lyrics.

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Cry Out to Jesus

Cry Out to Jesus is a popular Christian song written and performed by Third Day – one of the most successful contemporary Christian artists of all time.

The song was recorded for an album to help relief efforts for the victims of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Third Day has donated over $100,000 to the Gulf Coast Relief Fund through sales of the song.

Cry out to Jesus is not the only popular song by Third Day – who have had international success and won numerous awards for their Christian music. Some of their other very popular Christian songs include Consuming Fire, You Make Me Mad and Your Love Oh Lord.

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No Not One

No Not One is a popular and well-known Christian song released in 2000 sung by Brandon Heath and co-written by Christy Nockels – two popular Christian artists. The song has been described as being the ‘emotional’ core of the popular artists album.

The lyrics of this popular Christian pop song are emotional and deep and give a great sense of inspiration and appreciation for God.

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Praise the Lord – Glory Revealed

Praise the Lord-Glory Revealed is a beautiful Christian song based on Psalm 146. The vocals are sung by Natalie Grant and Laura Story – prominent contemporary Christian artists.

This song is one of the best selling Christian songs of all time and has strong connections with Christianity through the direct use of the Psalm.

Christian Music40


Lifesong was written and performed by one of the most successful contemporary Christian bands of all time – Casting Crowns. Lifesong reached number 1 position in both the Christian Songs and Hot Christian AC charts – along with several other Christian songs of theirs such as Does Anybody Hear Her?, Praise You In This Storm, Voice of Truth and Who Am I?

Lifesong has a central message that you should worship God through one’s life rather than through just a song. It was incredibly successful and was remixed by the famous Christian DJ Tony Foxx in 2007 which brought it more notoriety.

Christian Music32

Mass in B Minor

Not all of the most popular Christian songs are contemporary however, and possibly one of the best known traditional Christian songs is Mass in B Minor by classical composer – Johann Sebastian Bach.

The song is often considered to be the best composition of the entire Baroque era. The song consists of 27 sections and since it was finished it has been played on numerous occasions at many major Christian events across the world. One of the most notable performances of the composition was by the Bach Choir of Bethlehem at the American premiere of the complete mass in 1900 in Pennsylvania.

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